Designing a blog! Concisely, Creatively, and Credibly

Young funny man in glasses writing on typewriter
writing good blogs

Designing a good blog isn’t as simple as coming up with facts or advice to inform a reader. It takes considerable time, research and creativity to write a blog that is interesting, credible and concise.

As a student, studying Nutrition I can’t begin to tell you the amount of times I get exasperated by the many bloggers out there who offer advice, which has either scared the viewer into eating more healthily, or made them feel guilty.

A professional health blog writer should not judge or shame the reader, or even scare them into eating more healthily.

So what do these bloggers do that is different?

To better understand what makes a good blog I have taken a screenshot of some examples and pointed out some of the important features that make these articles interesting. After all, isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Tara Leong, nutritionist and author of the Nutrition guru and the chef is a frequent blogger. Tara uses a writing style which is always credibly researched, interesting and non-judgemental. Her quirky informative blogging style has gained her trust and respect with over 40,000 followers.

Tara Leong

One example is, a post I found from March 2016 aimed at new mothers in preventing allergies. Within the post, Tara provides current evidence in regards to food allergies and children. Her easy to read blog also links recommendations to reputable sources, such as Australasian society of clinical Immunology and the World health organisation (WHO).

baby allergies
preventing allergies

Another reputable source is that of well-known chef and celebrity Jamie Oliver. By using various social media platforms, Jamie creates great recipes to encourage healthy eating.

Jamie’s advice and blogs are creatively illustrated, offering food facts and helpful cooking ideas. Without adding fear or judgement to his audience, or claiming to be an expert in nutrition.

In fact, Jamie’s website identifies him as having a team of nutritionist who the reader can search if needed.

Jamie’s nutritionist

Below is a recent blog from January 2017 In healthy, Healthy meals, Nutrition. This blog design illustrates bright colourful food images, along with a concise heading to attract the reader.

The blog promotes healthy eating, and includes recommendations encouraging the reader to eat a healthy diet consisting of five vegetables a day.

5-a -day

Professor Tim Crowe is another reputable blogger. This blog post from March 2017, displays an attention grabbing title to attract its audience, “Diet clues to surviving cancer” .

After all who doesn’t want to know how to prevent cancer?

surviving cancer

Within the blog he supports his information by linking to current studies and statistics. Tim then further summarises the findings for his audience, as opposed to leaving it to the reader to interpret the scientific research.  The blog also offers a link to the study, which is useful for the reader if they feel the need to further explore the research.

tim crowe
Diet clues to surviving cancer

I hope these examples have been of value and provided you with the tools in designing your own concise, creative and credible blog.

So get cracking!

It’s now your time to get creative, have fun and  design your own blog. Please remember to share your credible master piece.




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